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Europa-Park-Bus & Rulantica-Bus

Our Europa-Park & Rulantica bus (bus route 7231/7200) provides convenient transport from Ringsheim and/or Herbolzheim railway stations to Rust and back all year round.

Europa-Park - Seasonal Opening Hours

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The best way to get to the fun and action

The TGV will also stop in Ringsheim.


You can book your train and bus ticket individually or as a combination ticket that includes admission to Europa-Park.

Our tip: Europa-Park combined ticket

By train

When buying your train ticket, please make sure that it is issued to the stop Europa-Park, Rust (not Ringsheim/Europa-Park). This way, the bus ride from Ringsheim station to the entrance of Europa-Park is already included in the price.

Arriving by bus

Bus ticket Rust (Europa-Park entrance, Rulantica and Europa-Park hotels)

  • The single bus ride from Ringsheim to Rust costs EUR 2.90, return EUR 5.80 or EUR 6.00 (TGO all-day ticket 1 zone). Children pay EUR 1.90 or EUR 3.80 respectively (as of May 2023).
    For 2 or up to 5 people, the TGO all-day ticket (outward and return) is discounted:
    TGO price table
  • The single bus ride from Herbolzheim to Rust* costs EUR 3.00, return EUR 6.00. Children pay EUR 1.50 or EUR 3.00 respectively.

  • Group tickets are available for groups of at least 6 people. The group prices quoted are for 6 people: Group outward journey EUR 9.00 (children EUR 4.50); group return journey EUR 18 (children EUR 9).

Tickets are available from the bus driver or at the Südbadenbus customer centre in Freiburg, as well as at the RVF ticket machines.

*The tariff regulations and conditions of carriage of the BW tariff apply.


Group travel on the Europa-Park bus

Group registrations (school classes and groups of 37 or more) for the train to Ringsheim/Europa-Park or Herbolzheim stations: please register group reservations with your local train travel service centre.

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